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  What is Audio Restoration?

    Simply put, it's like the restoration of an old art masterpiece, but instead of an image, it's the sound that the restoration artist works on. 
ld phonograph recordings, particularly "soft cuts" or "instantaneous" recordings deteriorate with age and repeated playing. They acquire clicks, pops, crackle and surface noise that mask the recorded material, be it voice or music.

The goal of Audio Restoration is to reach through this curtain of unwanted noise and hear the recording like it was when it was first made. Think of a film of dirt on a mirror... the image is dull, blurred, flat and lifeless... but clean and polish that mirror and you can now see the image clearly.

    Audio Restoration is designed to "clean up" a recording, much like the paintings of the old masters that have been restored to their original quality. The object is to separate the sound from the medium that carries it, so you can hear the music without the clicks, pops, scratches and hiss that often plagued the original recordings. In some cases, the desired sound is so close in character to the noise, that some noise has to be left so as not to sacrifice parts of the sound that we want to keep.

    The person guiding the restoration process has to make many judgement calls along the road to clearer sound, since over-doing it can leave undesired low level artifacts of the process, often described as "thumps" or "Star-Warsy" metallic sounds.

    Sometimes it's a balancing act to decide whether the artifact, when they occur, is more desirable than the noise it eliminated! Computers play a big part allowing us to do things that couldn't be done only a few short years ago. Mostly, we think that your ears will approve!


Welcome To Our Audio/Record Restoration Section

Let's go back in time. We do that whenever we play one of our "old" vinyl records. Ah yes, those "old" records which bring all the memories "flooding" back. Trouble is, those "old" records sometimes have so many scratches and other undesirable things that they're tough to even listen to. Besides, "record players" or "turntables" themselves are becoming rare. That's where we come in:We do audio restoration also known as record restoration, in other words we put music on CD's. Yes, those round things that can be played anywhere there's a CD player:-) The music is recorded in a digital format and it sounds just great. We can even repair those "skips" in your records. For those who don't know, regular old CD players are all DIGITAL in nature and all CD's are also DIGITAL therefore any music that's put onto CD is DIGITAL. Simple, huh?:-) Oh yes, we aren't just talking about "records" here, oh no! Your music could be on records OR some other medium, like say, TAPE. We work with everything. We specialize in removing that "hard to locate" noise that really interferes with our enjoyment of the music. Our audio/record restoration service could be just what you're looking for!

Call 906-227-8789 for a price quote.

To keep it simple, we have only TWO levels of service: 1) BASIC, an economical service, intended for those with LP's (an LP can be a record, cassette or 8-track) from the sixties onward that are in good condition, (not too many scratches) and want the entire LP transferred to CD. and 2) HOURLY, which is intended primarily for those with older recordings from the fifties back and those with newer recordings that are in poor condition.

BASIC service includes STANDARD noise reduction (mostly DEFAULT software settings) and a label on the CD which has the album title and all song titles. (all songs get a separate track too)

HOURLY service includes detailed noise reduction, CD case cover of your scanned album cover (or,if your record is "home-made", you may want a special picture on there) and a CD label which is a solid color, has the album title and all song titles.

ALL CD's  come with a "slimline" case.

TIP: If you are unsure of the condition of your record(s) (unsure as to whether they might have too many scatches and dirt for BASIC service) ask for hourly service and include $36 for each record that you are unsure of. (ONE hour of service) Hey, if it turns out that the record is in better shape than you thought and STANDARD noise reduction does the trick, you'll get the difference back. ($36-$16)

So you're thinking that this service is fine for somebody with records from way back there in the "thirties", but MY records aren't all THAT old (maybe from the "sixties") and I can simply buy the CD version of the album for less money, I don't need any "audio/record restoration"! Well, assuming you can FIND the CD you want, go for it! This DOES have advantages: the cost and of course the fact that the music itself is taken right off the studio "master tape" and recorded directly to CD. This makes for a very good recording, no doubt about it! Unfortunately, we all remember that back there when we were buying records, we'd buy an album for ONE or TWO particular songs and were more or less "stuck" with the others. Well, no more! Services like ours (audio/record restoration services) have one BIG advantage, you can actually "pick and choose" which songs go onto your CD. You could have a CD full of your favorites (I've done just that)! Now think about all those 45's: You can put them all on CD too. By the way, not everything is on the pricelist, just drop us an email for a reasonable quote. Audio restoration service just might be for you.

Here at Rusty Bowers Entertainment "All Things Audio Division", we do ONE thing and we do it right: We do the BEST audio restoration for the money, period! What exactly is "audio restoration" anyway? If you haven't got time for "surfing", let me put it simply: We take your old music recordings, remove the noise and then create a CD, that's audio restoration in a "nutshell"! Let's make one thing perfectly clear, we're ALWAYS going to work with the customer until a problem is corrected. If that means working 'till 3 AM, so be it.

By the way, we also do "audio editing" for $35/ hour, just send an email and we'll give you an idea what your job will cost.


Who Would Benefit from Audio Restoration?


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Audio Conversion to CD (maximum of 80 minutes per CD):

Free slim case including artwork and list of contents with each enhancement!

Audio Restoration:

Present fee only $40.00 per hour *
Minimum: 1 hour and then billed at ½ hour increments

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